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Time to let this one go...

All good things come to an end. Thank you for an amazing 2019 full of firsts, lots of travel and celebrations and tons of learning. Cheers to letting go of the old, welcoming the new, the new year, the new decade, the new me. I'm leaving behind 'I should..(fill in the blanks)'..a lot of should's that are still in my head and keep me from moving forward. Especially having spent the last few weeks with my family revealed some of my old beliefs on a whole new level #anotherlayer #gofigure #nextlevelplease Sometimes it can be hard to let go of something, especially what served us so well until it didn't anymore. Who are we without it? What if it's the wrong thing to do? #sayswhoanyway What helps me, while working through the many layers of conditioning, is finding something to add first before letting it go. For example when I notice a 'should' coming up, instead of dwelling on what 'I should or shouldn't', I'm switching to 'decision time': what is it that I should be doing and why and most importantly why am I not just doing it? #observingfirst I then make a decision if this 'obligation' is really helping me to live my best life or is it holding me back. I then decide what's best for me, stick with that decision and let go of the 'should' with lots of love. #whatwouldlovedo #ideallife Is it easy? No, of course not but it's like working a muscle - it's tough at first but it gets easier with training. #lotsoftraining #sixpack #innotime #hopeithelps So here is cheers to lots of decisions in 2020!! What are you letting go of with the new year ahead? What's not serving you anymore? What's your intention for the new year? #timetoreset #happynewyear #prositneujahr #keepgoing #wontstopnow #selfhelp #familyplaystogetherstaystogether #besthusbandever #fountainofhealthau

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