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Fountain of Health's 
Three Seed Crackers

Sedd Crackers 1.jpg

Did anyone ask for healthy snacks??? 
We've got you covered! Our crackers are not only made with love but also with only organic ingredients, leaving out all the nasties. You can enjoy your snack time with no regrets.... well, the only regret you may have.... you didn't buy more.

Buy you little stash with your next life coaching or sound healing session.

Seed Crackers.jpg

Our Three Seed Crackers are made with flax, pumpkin and sesame seeds. We also add some spring onions, garlic, sea salt, pepper and rosemary.

All ingredients are organic. These crackers are vegan and naturally gluten and grain free and keto friendly.

You can order your crackers simply via email to or send a message to 0450 400 760.

You can now get our crackers also at

Parap Fine Foods in Parap,

The Harvest Press in the City, 

Greenies Real Food in Rapid Creek and at WickedNRG in Yarrawonga.


Have you tried our crackers yet? Let us know what you think!

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