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What they are saying:

Lori Roberts:

Alison Shaw:


Everyone can benefit from ‘Life coaching’. You do not have to be in a dark place to experience the benefits. I signed up for 5 sessions with Carina and gained more insights into my thoughts than I ever believed. Carina provided me with practical strategies to 1) help me be aware of how/what I think, 2) how this impacts on my reactions, and 3) how to change this should I choose to do so. For anyone that has a block in their thought patterns, or is having trouble shaking off an unhelpful habit - Carina has the skills to help, should you be willing to do so. I now know myself on a much deeper level and as a result, am a happier person thanks to Carina’s help.

I have recently had the privilege of undertaking a life-coaching program with Carina. Carina has helped me understand how self-doubt, lack of confidence and even fear, are powerfully limiting states of mind which have evolved, rationally or irrationally, from past lived experiences. Carina’s life-coaching has shown me how to challenge these usually self-imposed beliefs, and she has helped me to develop the skills to do so. I’ve read many self-help books, each of which can only be expected to address a myriad of issues in a very broad and general context. Carina’s coaching, on the other hand, is tailored to personal and specific needs. She is highly intuitive, and she shows a deep understanding of the personal issues that were addressed in our sessions. Carina is extremely empathetic, and she provides guidance with warmth, humour and kindness. I would recommend her life coaching sessions to anyone seeking to improve their self confidence, both personally and professionally.

Arun Nagendra:

My sessions with Carina were both enjoyable and rewarding! She puts you at ease as you meet her and she has a good sense of humor that can make you feel comfortable at the right times during each session. She listens carefully and balances what you say with stories from her own personal experience when it's appropriate so it feels like a normal conversation. And yet, towards the end, there'll be that lesson, technique or advice you were looking for. These sessions really have been invaluable to me.

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