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Celebrate your Wins!

No matter how small or big those wins are #timetocelebrate I want to share this reminder with you as I just needed that little bit of perspective shift myself. It’s easy to see the progress people around us make but I tend to be too harsh on my own achievements. Especially starting a new year, a new decade even, when new goals are born, or old ones revived, it’s important to keep track of your own progress. It looks always easier when others do it or at least we can trick ourselves into seeing it that way. #helloshinysocialmedia Even though I chunk down big goals into smaller bite size pieces – I sometimes forget to acknowledge ticking of those little milestones. #partyforadanceparty As @lauraseiler wisely says: ‘A WIN IS A WIN IS A WIN’ So let’s act like winners and celebrate our wins – no matter how tiny or how huge they are!!! You managed to make your bed this morning? 🎉Congratulations!! Pat yourself on the back and do a little happy dance.💃 You did the dishes last night? Woohoo!! You are such a rockstar!!! 👌 You already worked out or went for a short walk around the block this week? 👏YES, that’s what gamechangers are made of!!! You even wrote that email you wanted to write since last year already?! 🙌Yay!! What a champion! #dancedancedance So go and celebrate your wins, it’s hard enough as it is, let’s not take ourselves too seriously and have more fun! You've got this and you've got all it takes to bring it over the finishline. Big things take time. Here is to goalkicking year with lots of progress and celebrations! #dreambig #biggoalstaketime #goalsetting #dreambigworkhard #babysteps #consitencyiskey #judgelessfeelbetter #familythatplaystogetherstaystogether #fountainofhealthau #youvegotthis #teamwork #lifecoaching #weareonthesameteam

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