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Keep it simple and just take the first step!

I'm talking to myself here. #justsaying With the new year and all the new resolutions, goals and intentions to live the next 365 days faster, smarter, fitter, better, richer, slimmer, wealthier, more successful, more loving, abundant and overall more purposeful, it can get a bit overwhelming with where to start. I get it. We all dream of living a better life and for me personal I was never clearer on the need to change things up in order to upgrade my life or more so to live an authentic life. And what a better time to hit the reset button than on New Years. I get it. But especially with all the super effective 'we get you where you want to go' products, all the 'never fail again' goal planners, the ultimate high performance programs, the 'we help you sky-rocketing your social media appearance' webinars and and and it can actually be a bit too much and counter intuitive and keep us stuck. I'm talking about myself here. #justsaying Even that I am clear on what needs to change in my life I was still entertaining myself with all the tips, tricks and hacks all the great influencers, mentors and high performance coaches put out there - especially this time of the year. I kind of got lost in what is the right thing for me and where to start since it all sounded so great and doable and just the right thing to do. With all the research, hours of reading books, blog posts and listening to tons of podcasts I got lost. I forgot to focus on what is really important to me and to make a move, to just start and to just take the first step. Not that I wanted to make it perfect - well, that's what I kept telling myself anyway - but I was just confused because everyone was telling me: 'Hey, here this is it, this is the golden formula for your best year yet and you have to do this, this and that. Let's go.' and then the next one would come along and would tell me the same. But I would do nothing and just wait and 'think it through.' I didn't trust myself to make the right decision about whose advise to follow. I mean, they are all the ones with the success to show but what's the right way for me? #whoamitoquestionthem Only after taking a step back - well, and my husband telling me that I'm just procrastinating #howdarehe - I realised only I can tell what's the best thing for me to do. Of cause I was procrastinating. I was procrastinating about how to procrastinate next. I would rewrite my to-do-lists over and over, I would colour code them and rearrange them again after coming across another amazing success strategy, but actually wouldn't do a single thing that's on the list, no matter what coulour it had. Go figure!

So taking a step back reminded me of what's important to me and what to focus on. Only I can decide what's next. So just stick with the decision and take the first step. And if it turns out that it was the wrong decision and it's not working, then it's time to revaluate, to adjust and to go again. As @DrMayaAngelou said: 'Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better do better.' #sowise

We already know that we will stumble and might even fall along the way. Such is life. It's a lifelong journey and we will never have it all figured out anyway. So instead of waiting and staying stuck, just take the first step and then the path will appear, just take another step, have a little rest here and there, maybe even a step back to adjust a little but then keep going. If you fall, brush yourself off and get back up again. First step again... Deep down we all know what's the right thing to do - we just have to trust ourselves and to love ourselves enough for just having a crack at it. There is so much more waiting for us to be just take the first step and choose love first.

What's the worst thing that can happen? We figure out that it didn't work. Awesome! Lesson learned and we can tick that one of the list. Next first step....

I'm talking to myself here. #justsaying So here is Cheers to a 2019 full of first steps, new lessons, focus on whats important and keeping it simple.

Love and Namaste xxx Carina xxx

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