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It's never going to be the right time!

So then let's get started! Oh, hmm, maybe, just wait a little bit more, I do it on the weekend or next month, yes, next month is good.....

I was always waiting for the right time, for a 'sign', for 'THE' feeling that the time is right and and and - but what can I say. I will never ever feel 'ready' to publish my very own website (OMGeee!!!) and to put myself out there (wherever 'there' exactly is?!).

Who am I and what have I got to offer to the world that gives me the right to take up space and force my opinion onto others?!?

Well, who am I not to do so???

The world needs all of us and it needs all of us to shine bright and to be loud and funny and bold and to enjoy ourselves just being perfectly imperfect and all of who we really are!

So here I AM!

Time to show the world what I am about and what I've got to offer. Time to get real and to stop hiding.

Love and Namaste!

xxx Carina xxx

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